Exhibiting at IAAPA Europe

Chaperone was exhibited at one of the largest attraction and leisure industry shows in the UK this month - IAAPA Europe!

Chaperone was exhibited at one of the largest attraction and leisure industry shows in the UK this month - IAAPA Europe! The three day event took place from Tuesday 13th to Thursday 15th September.  We had an excellent exhibition networking with others in the industry and providing demos of how the personalised, user experience platform that is Chaperone, could revolutionise the success of their business. We had such a great time that we are heading to the USA in November to participate at IAAPA Orlando! 

Chaperone was one of twenty exhibitors that were part of the Experience UK Pavilion, all of which were UK-based businesses who supply innovative products and services to visitor destinations on a global scale. The Pavilion hosted its exhibitors in a model of a London street complete with park benches, trees, cobble streets, and a real-life London Routemaster bus as its centrepiece. The bus itself contained a projection mapped story depicting a street party scene taking place on the upper deck. Each exhibitor chose how to interact and make the most of the impressive creation around them, and at Chaperone, we chose to incorporate a digital twin of the booth within our demo! 

Our expert tech team interfaced and interacted with the bus and key elements of the pavilion in the digital world, and elevated it to become a personalised experience. Visitors could choose an area of London that they wanted to ‘visit’, such as St Paul’s Cathedral, make selections such as media guides and F&B choices, and the Chaperone platform took them on a personalised tour in the bus to the desired location, allowing them to experience elements of Chaperone’s functionality. You could then control and interact with aspects of the digital twin, including a Dalek and the content on the upper deck of the bus. Additionally, scanning the various adverts that were displayed on the signage boards within the digital twin using the Chaperone app took you immediately to that product or service or web content, allowing the user experience to be extended far beyond the parameters of the physical aspects of the booth. 

Founder and CEO of Chaperone, Martin Howe, said “We took the opportunity to integrate Chaperone the brand experience platform into the booth, taking visitors on the big red bus tour and at the same time interfacing with the best of UK creative and technology partners also represented on the booth. It was a great atmosphere, with back to back live demos of Chaperone throughout, and we’re very much looking forward to the next event.”

This concept was created to give a small flavour through different demos of the huge capabilities and potentials of Chaperone in creating mind blowing customer journeys and experiences for attraction visitors, and we loved demonstrating this to those at IAAPA Europe! If you missed us though, or were unable to attend, contact us to request our video content and a personalised demo.

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