Chaperone M&H

Smart technology delivering story-led, personalised curated experiences, increasing visitor engagement and membership.

Enhance audience engagement

Museums and Heritage venues encapsulate the history and culture of nations and draw millions of tourists both locally and internationally.

It can become a challenge to appeal to audiences of all ages and nationalities and offer a greater level of engagement and interaction that is in higher demand than ever before. Chaperone empowers these venues with a powerful and affordable platform that dramatically enhances audience engagement, before, during and after their visit.

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Benefits of Chaperone

Visitors and venues alike benefit from Chaperone’s modular system. The core platform is supported by a range of plug-in features.

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Personalisation for each and every guest

Create deeply personalised experiences for your guests, targeting their individual interests and needs

Story-led curated pathways through the venue and collections

Bring history to life with enhanced experiences

Fully integrated into the venue

Control all your elements in one internal system

Singular User Interface (UI)

Singular User Interface (UI) & interaction for ticketing; F&B, merchandise, tailored offers, etc

Intelligence & valuable insights

Track your monthly footfall, customer engagement and much more

Increases engagement before, during and post visit

Extend your customers’ experience with Chaperone

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