Chaperone S&A

Smart, personalised technology that improves the engagement, safety and security of your stadium or arena.

Personalised, ultimate, engaging

Your venues are put to a multitude of uses providing a wide range of facilities aimed at entertainment.

Chaperone understands that this makes it difficult to truly engage and captivate your wide range of guests that visit. But our smart technology delivered to your guests as an app provides the ultimate solution; completely personalised and responsive, Chaperone can mould to enhance your guest’s experience based on their specific preferences, as well as providing a huge range of analytics tools to monitor your success.

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Benefits of Chaperone

Visitors and venues alike benefit from Chaperone’s modular system. The core platform is supported by a range of plug-in features.

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Personalisation for each and every guest

Create deeply personalised experiences for your guests, targeting their individual interests and needs

Fully integrated into the venue

Control all your elements in one internal system

Singular User Interface (UI)

Singular User Interface (UI) & interaction for ticketing; F&B, merchandise, tailored offers, hospitality, scheduling, results, socials, news, notifications, etc

Intelligence & valuable insights

Track your monthly footfall, customer engagement and much more

Available before, during and post visit

Extend your customers’ experience with Chaperone

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