Smart Ticketing

Chaperone's Smart Ticketing allows customers to purchase tickets and plan their visits in advance without the need to stand in long lines.

Engage and captivate your visitors

Chaperone's Smart Ticketing allows customers to purchase tickets and plan their visits in advance without the need to stand in long lines. Smart Ticketing helps reduce wait times and improve visitors' overall experience, allowing operators to manage attendance and revenue better

Track and analyse customer data

Ticket sales
Visitor demographics

By using Smart Ticketing, operators can track and analyse customer data, such as ticket sales, attendance, and visitor demographics. This data can be used to optimise pricing, marketing, and staffing, which can help to maximise revenue and improve the overall efficiency of the attraction.

Flexibility in pricing and ticketing options

Smart Ticketing also allows for more flexibility in pricing and ticketing options. For example, operators can offer a range of ticket types, such as single-day tickets, season passes, and VIP packages, which can help to attract different types of visitors and increase revenue. Additionally, operators can offer special promotions and discounts through Smart Ticketing, which can help to drive sales and increase attendance.

Dynamic Pricing

Increase pre-bookings

Secure pre-bookings up to two times earlier with staggered ticketing prices and early bird discounts.

Increase attendance

Increase your attendance rate by up to 10% using our capacity management system to spread visits across peak days and off-peak hours.


Continuously monitor your pricing strategy and customer receptiveness to costs to increase your revenue by up to 20%.


More than just tickets

A cross-selling strategy increases your customers' average basket value and builds customer loyalty.


By adding additional products to your booking flow, you can provide customers with a more personalised experience, all  whilst increasing revenue.

Digital memberships

Our digital sign-up process allows you to grow and nurture your community of members with special offers, discounts, and exclusive benefits.


Add merchandise to your booking flow and recommend products to your customers to increase revenue and improve their experience.

Cashless credits

Give customers the option of paying for their food and beverage purchases with cashless credits, which will generate revenue for your business ahead of time.

Season tickets

Your loyal customers will be able to book and renew season tickets with ease.

Promote Special Offers

Vouchers, product bundles and discount codes can all be used to increase sales. You can even combine external partners' products with your own to create unique offerings.

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