Chaperone FEC

Smart technology that enhances the family day out. Chaperone creates fun and lasting memories by delivering personalised VIP experiences for all.

Create memories

Now more than ever friends and family need time together for fun and entertainment outside of the home.

Chaperone provides the platform to deliver a seamless experience, offering fun and gamified activities, playful interactions and frictionless offers and purchasing. Chaperone extends the family fun from before a visit to your venue, right the way through to when they arrive home after a day of creating memories.

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Benefits of Chaperone

Visitors and venues alike benefit from Chaperone’s modular system. The core platform is supported by a range of plug-in features.

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Friends and families share the experience via the group features.

Stay connected on your day out and experience amazing together.

Configurable and gamified

The entire experience is enhanced and supported through the highly configurable platform and gamification features.

VIP options, personalisation for each and every guest

Create deeply personalised experiences for your guests, targeting their individual interests and needs.

Fully integrated into the venue

Control all your elements in one internal system

Singular User Interface (UI)

Singular User Interface (UI) & interaction for ticketing; F&B, merchandise, tailored offers, hospitality, scheduling, notifications, etc

Intelligence & valuable insights

Track your monthly footfall, customer engagement and much more

Enhancing engagement before, during and post visit

Extend your customers’ experience with Chaperone

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