Chaperone Retail

Transform retail experiences: Real-time insights, personalised notifications, optimise flows, boost sales, enhance visits with smart displays.

Revolutionise consumer interactions

81% of retail shoppers conduct online research before buying. With less time and opportunities to win over a customer, the retail shopping industry needs innovative user experiences.

Chaperone understands how critical that is. By utilising smart displays, we’re able to deliver reactive and tailored offers to individual consumers, giving them a memorable experience. Triggers in place allow for ‘here-and-now’ offers to add value. Phone pairing to a shopping centre for example provides what a customer wants to know, there and then. In the demo to the right, check out briefly how Chaperone can deliver on this promise.

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Benefits of Chaperone

Visitors and venues alike benefit from Chaperone’s modular system. The core platform is supported by a range of plug-in features.

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Reduced Queue Times

Increased visitor tolerance and happiness with reasonable wait times

Personalised Offers

Brand promotions creating a feel good factor using consumer interests through smartphone interactions

Ease of Use

A single user interface improves customer engagement and loyalty. No need for multiple apps!

Moments of Exclusivity

Brand benefits on a day-to-day basis directly influenced by shopper habits

Easy Way Finding

Improved customer journey. Literally!

Real Time Dashboards

Valuable information and historical insights to consumer data

Direct Visitor Communication

Push and in app notifications with useful updates, offers and more utilising proximity messaging

Unique Experience

Increase dwell time, spend and promote repeat visits

Crowd Flows

Handle congestion and help staff balancing

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