Chaperone Experience Builder

Configure and build your Chaperone to match your precise requirements - Chaperone includes its own experience builder module that allows the entire user journey and features to be configured entirely to your needs and preferences.

Visitor apps have become the latest must have for visitor attractions around the world. They can include a vast array of features, but how do you decide which one is right for you? Do you take one of the ready-made apps that are available and accept that it doesn’t suit all your needs? Do you have several different apps for each of the features you require? Or do you take the expensive route and engage with a developer to build a bespoke app? The alternative is to use Chaperone’s experience builder feature to configure the visitor app entirely to your needs and preferences, and those of your visitors, to create a highly engaging and personal user experience!

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Benefits of Chaperone

Chaperone is a modular system. The core platform is supported by a range of plug-in features.

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Quick and easy

Effortlessly build and configure your own app; make it your Chaperone

Immediate updates of content and configuration

Your visitors will always have the latest information and configuration. Make seasonal or daily changes to parts of or even the entire user journey

Personalisation for each and every guest

Create deeply personalised experiences for your guests, targeting their individual interests and needs. Each user can have a unique experience

Story-led curated pathways

Create multiple story-led curated pathways through your venue - bring your collections to life with Chaperone

Fully integrated into the venue

Integrate all of your systems into the Chaperone platform for one seamless user journey. No more switching between apps

Singular User Interface (UI) & interaction

Your visitor can enjoy a seamless journey for every interaction with your venue, even at home, via a single user interface tailored to their requirements

Intelligence & valuable insights

Chaperone can be configured to collect all user transactions providing valuable insights. This allows you to offer an even greater level of service to your guests

Enhancing engagement before, during and post visit

Curate and manage the entire user journey, door-to-door, to enhance engagement, increase brand affinity and encourage repeat visits

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